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Definition of the bylaws of a corporation


From Animal Control to Zoning Bylaw, the City of Dauphin’s Bylaws are available to view in our file directory.  Please click BYLAWS

**Please be advised that a Public Hearing will be held to amend City of Dauphin Zoning Bylaw 04/2015, which promotes and regulates the orderly use and development of land and the location of building and structure in the City of Dauphin. For more information on the Zoning Bylaw Amendment and the Public Hearing being held on January 25, 2021, please visit Notice of Public Hearing – City of Dauphin Zoning Bylaw Amendment.


Zoning Bylaw 04/2015 –  This bylaw regulates the use and development of land.

Zoning Map – 3′ x 3′ zoning map

Bylaw 10-2019 Property Standards –  This bylaw establishes a minimal standard of maintenance for dwellings and other structures and to regulate yards, nuisances, litter and derelict vehicles.

Building Bylaw 3640 – This bylaw is for the administration of the Manitoba Building Code

Building Bylaw Amendment – Subsoil Drainage Disposal Bylaw 03-98

Bylaw 16-2020 – Fees, Fines, and Charges Bylaw – This bylaw prescribes fees and charges for municipal services, such as Public Safety, Operations Department, Finance & Administration, Building/Planning/Zoning and Equipment Rates.

Fire Prevention & Emergency Services Bylaw 01-2013 – This bylaw is to establish and operate fire fighting services, fire prevention, regulations of fire and other hazards and the adoption of the fire code.

Animal Control Bylaw 05-2020 – This bylaw establishes the regulations for control of dogs and cats.

Waste & Recycling Management Bylaw 09/2016 – This bylaw establishes Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Systems.


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3.41 – Policy – Accessible Customer Service

3.1 – Policy – Parade or Event on City Property Agreement/Application


Accessibility Plan

Building Inspection Services


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