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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is “Connect”?

Connect is a municipal communication tool that allows municipalities to contact registered residents and visitors with the ability to send out mass messages via text, email and voice messages from one source.


What types of messages will I receive?

While the system can provide many types of messages and information, at this time the City will only be using this tool to send out urgent alerts, such as a boil water advisory or severe weather warnings.   


How is this different from Alert Ready?

Alert Ready is Canada’s national emergency alerting system and Connect is a direct feed into Alert Ready.  By registering for Connect, national emergency alerts will also be received through your account.


How do I register?

You can register on the City of Dauphin website at or by visiting City Hall and filling out a registration form.


I received a test message, what does this mean?

Test messages will be issued occasionally by the city to ensure the system is working properly.  The message will identify as a test message and there is no action required.  If you believe a test message was sent out and you did not receive an alert, please contact the City of Dauphin at 204-622-3200.


What if I want to change the way I receive messages?

If you have any changes to your personal information or wish to change the way you receive alerts, please contact the City of Dauphin at 204-622-3200.


Will this cost me anything?

No! This is a free service offered by the City of Dauphin.