2019 Spring Clean-Up

The City of Dauphin Spring Clean-Up campaign will commence Tuesday, May 21st, 2019. City crews will be making one pass through the City starting with Day 1 on the garbage schedule and progressing through the regular four-day cycle. This will be a one-time pickup only, so please have your yard waste ready for pickup prior to the crews arrival. City crews will only be collecting accumulated garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, shrubs & tree branches (8 feet maximum and piled parallel) at no cost. Items will only be collected if they are free of household waste, hazardous waste and recyclable materials, and are in a clearly identifiable pile or packaged in biodegradable bags/boxes. The Spring Clean-Up campaign will occur in the back lanes, or for those residence that do not have a back lane, pickup will occur on the boulevard near the curb. Large Equipment will be used so it’s important to place the items close to the lane or curb to avoid property damage.

Compost material can be dropped off anytime at the City Waste Disposal Site, northwest of Dauphin. Absolutely no plastic bags, household or commercial garbage or scrap in the compost site. If you require additional information or further clarification, call the City Shop at 204.622.3202 or click on 2019 Spring Clean-up Ad