City Council Hosts Successful Community Consultation Evening

Immediately after the October municipal election City Council decided to hold a Community Consultation and seek big-picture, long-term ideas for Dauphin.  This event was named “Bright Ideas for Dauphin” and was held on Wednesday, December 10th at the Lion’s Den in the Parkland Recreation Complex.  Approximately thirty (30) local citizens were in attendance for the three hour brainstorming session that focused on three topics

  1. Where We Live – What could Dauphin be like in the future?
  2. What We Do – What activities, initiatives, businesses or industry should be pursued to enhance the local economy?
  3. How We Live – What can be done to support or enhance the quality of life components for the citizens of our community?

David Bosiak facilitated the evening, and broke the gathering into four groups.  Senior city management facilitated each group discussion and recorded the outcomes, with City Council’s wandering the room listening to the ideas being generated.

The public can still participate in this exercise by completing a simple survey on the above topics.  This can be obtained by emailing, and must be submitted by Friday, December 19th.  The results of the consultation will be formulated into a report over the holiday season by city staff, presented to City Council for review and emailed to all participants early in the New Year.  City Council hopes to incorporate some of the ideas generated into the plan for their four year term of office.