Garage/Yard Sale Signs

The City of Dauphin is requesting cooperation from the public regarding the posting of garage and yard sale signs on public property. Garage sales and yard sales are a fun and enjoyable way to spend a weekend, and many citizens enjoy finding treasures throughout the city. While there are many new ways to advertise through social media, the traditional sign on a stake in the grass remains a choice for many.

The City of Dauphin Zoning Bylaw 04/2015 states garage/yard sale signs are permitted in the City, provided they are located on private property. This means you can post a sign within your yard, or you can ask permission from a friend or neighbour to post it in their yard, but garage/yard sale signs are not permitted on public property. This includes ditches, boulevards, City Parks or on the side of the road.

Traffic issues tend to arise in areas that are highly congested with yard sale signs. The City of Dauphin wants to ensure motorist and pedestrian safety and appreciates the public’s cooperation ensuring they do not place signs on public property. Reminder that signs found on public property will be removed and disposed of.