VIA Rail Passenger Shelter

The City of Dauphin, in conjunction with its partners the Province of Manitoba and VIA Rail Inc., is pleased to announce the completion and opening of the new passenger shelter. This new, heated structure is located on the concrete platform at the west end of the historic CN Station and will provide a safe, well-lit… Read more »

Street Potholes

With the rise in temperatures and resulting snow melt that has occurred recently in Manitoba, many communities are experiencing potholes in their streets earlier than normal. This is also true here in Dauphin. City crews have been out inspecting city streets and filling some of the potholes. These measures are unfortunately only a temporary fix…. Read more »

Thank You for Your Cooperation

The City of Dauphin would like to thank residents for their cooperation in recycling. The vast majority of residents had their recycling along with their garbage out for pickup this week and are contributing to the success of our new waste management program. For any questions about our new waste management program or about recycling… Read more »

Snow Clearing Update

City Crews are beginning to plow Avenues in the Day 4 area. Once completed, they will progress to the Day 1 area through the Day 3. The City anticipates having all City Streets and Avenues cleared by the middle of next week.