Dauphin Telephone Scam

The City of Dauphin has been made aware of local instances where scammers are calling residents of Dauphin, saying they are working for the City, and are offering a home-upgrade program for people who are mobility-challenged. The City of Dauphin is NOT offering any type of home-upgrade program at this time. We urge residents to… Read more »

Grade 1 and 2 Students Tour City Hall

Deputy Mayor, Allen Dowhan toured Grade 1 and 2 students from Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. Elementary School around City Hall on Monday, October 17, 2016. The students gained a better understanding of how their local government works and experienced firsthand what happens at City Hall on a daily basis. A highlight of their tour was a visit to… Read more »

City Issues Statement on RM Recreation Funding Reduction

The City of Dauphin is disappointed by the Rural Municipality of Dauphin’s decision to reduce funding for recreation services in our community. While the loss of at least $100,000 annually will have a serious impact on operations, the extent is not yet known and options are being studied by the Finance Committee of Dauphin Recreation… Read more »

City Storm Drains

Over the last few days a large number of leaves have fallen from the many trees in Dauphin. These leaves have accumulated along the curbs of most streets and with today’s heavy rain have plugged many storm drains and catch basins around the community. The result is the water cannot drain properly from the streets,… Read more »