Fall Clean-Up Update

Today, Wednesday, October 24, the fall clean-up crew has started on the Day 2 area, beginning in the south and working northward.

Letter Regarding Train Delays

The City of Dauphin has received numerous concerns about the lengths of train cars and the blocking of crossings across the City.  Mayor Al Dowhan has written CN to express the public safety concerns and has requested that CN address this matter as soon as possible.  We hope to see a change in operating… Read more »

Snow Clearing October 12, 2019

Due to the inclement weather, City crews are working diligently to clear the snow. Effective immediately, we ask that citizens stay off the roads until they are cleared. Also, the City of Dauphin Waste Disposal Site will be closed today, due to the weather. Thank-you for your cooperation.

Fall Clean-up Update

On Friday, October 11, the crew will complete the day 4 area and move into the day 3 area.  They will start on the north side of day 3 and move southward. The drainage ditches will be completed when they have dried or are frozen.  

Stay Connected

The City of Dauphin is excited to announce the launch of Stay Connected, the City’s new urgent communication system.  The goal is to reach as many residents as possible in the shortest amount of time with urgent information.  Residents must sign up to receive these alerts. This system will keep registered users informed of urgent… Read more »