Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day results

The City of Dauphin held a household hazardous waste collection day on Monday, September 14th. 149 vehicles dropped off items such as paint, pesticides, adhesives, propane tanks, batteries, plastic containers, oil filters, oil, anti-freeze and e-waste.

Perimeter Airlines Clarifies Discontinuance of Local Passenger Service

Carlos Castillo, Vice President of Perimeter Airlines advised today that the 30 day notice provided to the Lt. Col. W.G. (Billy) Barker, V.C. Airport was premature. Only the Brandon airport will be losing all service in 30 days, but the airline plans to continue offering passenger service to the Dauphin market for 120 days. According… Read more »

Perimeter Airlines Discontinues Service to Select Manitoba Airports

Perimeter Airlines notified the Lt. Col. W. G. (Billy) Barker, V.C. Airport that effective October 9, 2015 they will no longer be providing service at the Dauphin airport.  The airline advised that the change in service affects both the Dauphin and Brandon airports, and was due entirely to their loss of the lucrative Purolator Courier… Read more »

Unattached Trailers & Parking on City Streets

It has been noted that there are many trailers parked on City streets for extended periods of time that may or may not be connected to a tow vehicle. Here is a friendly reminder that the City of Dauphin’s Traffic Bylaw 02/2009, Section 1, Item 21 indicates that detached trailers may not be parked on… Read more »