Winter Parking Bans

The City would like to remind residents and visitors to the community of our Winter Parking Bans during snow clearing activities. During major snow storms and for regular maintenance of all City streets, parking bans will go into effect for priority routes and five distinct zones within the City. Information about the parking bans can… Read more »

Manitoba Hydro Home Insulation Program Review

If you have received a letter in the mail from Manitoba Hydro, you have been selected to receive a free in-home review. The City of Dauphin is committed to promoting energy efficiency and in partnership with Manitoba Hydro, has engaged in a Community Energy Plan with the goal of lowering the City`s overall energy consumption…. Read more »

Dauphin Telephone Scam

The City of Dauphin has been made aware of local instances where scammers are calling residents of Dauphin, saying they are working for the City, and are offering a home-upgrade program for people who are mobility-challenged. The City of Dauphin is NOT offering any type of home-upgrade program at this time. We urge residents to… Read more »

Grade 1 and 2 Students Tour City Hall

Deputy Mayor, Allen Dowhan toured Grade 1 and 2 students from Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. Elementary School around City Hall on Monday, October 17, 2016. The students gained a better understanding of how their local government works and experienced firsthand what happens at City Hall on a daily basis. A highlight of their tour was a visit to… Read more »