Road Closure for Street Fair

The Dauphin & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their 18th Annual Street Fair and Dance on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018.  “No Parking” barricades will be placed on affected streets the evening of August 1st to prevent vehicles from parking in the area. The barricades will be on Main Street N from 4th Ave… Read more »

Tax Payment Deadline Today

The City of Dauphin would like to remind everyone that property taxes are due and payable in full today (July 31st) by 4:30 PM.  Any amounts remaining unpaid after today will be charged late penalties of 15% per year (1.25% per month), in accordance with Provincial legislation.

Big things are on the move!

As part of an initiative by the City of Dauphin and its partners ACC, MB Hydro, Co-op Building Centre and Vanguard Catalyst Credit Union, the Net Zero House project is nearing completion.  This Friday July 27th the project home built in part by ACC’s carpentry program will be moved from the Dauphin Co-op construction site… Read more »

City Water Quality

The City has received a few calls regarding an unusual taste or odour to the drinking water from their tap.  This is not unusual this time of year, and the City is taking the steps necessary to try and rectify the situation.  However, in the meantime, the water is safe to drink as it is… Read more »

2018 Property Taxes Payable by July 31st

The City of Dauphin would like to remind its residents and businesses that property taxes are due and payable in full by 4:30 PM on Tuesday, July 31st.  Any property taxes remaining unpaid on August 1st will be subject to interest penalties in accordance with the Municipal Act.