Press Release – February 4, 2020

On February 3, Municipal representatives from the Parkland Region attended the Town Hall meeting and recognized many of the same concerns as stakeholders. The Parkland Municipalities are drafting a resolution that echoes the sentiments shared that will be passed by all municipalities supporting this effort. The resolutions will be circulated through to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Province of Manitoba, and the Federal Government of Canada.

A letter to the Premier of Manitoba summarizing the questions that were posed by stakeholders will be submitted, and we will be requesting that a formal response be provided. It was clear last night at the Town Hall meeting, that everyone is concerned by the lack of information that has been presented by the Province, and we feel that they have a duty to respond.

In order to initiate discussions regarding the construction of a new rehabilitation facility in the Parkland, we are requesting that the AMM, the Province and the Federal government participate in regional consultation meetings immediately.

The Parkland Region thanks everyone for their continued support. We are committed to collaborating for the benefit of the region and encourage you to continue your lobbying efforts.