A Covid-19 Message from Councillor Bellemare

We thought the worst of this pandemic would be over by now.

But the numbers have risen, restrictions have been tightened again, and the fight continues.

This pandemic will end. There is light appearing at the end of this tunnel. Every vaccine administered brings us one step closer to the end. Because scientists around the world have focused on this virus, we now have effective vaccines and treatments here in our city.

Thank you to the province for our Super Site in Dauphin. Vaccines have been proven to greatly reduce serious illness and death.

Local businesses are doing curbside pickup and more phone transactions. Check their Facebook pages and websites. Many of us are ordering delicious takeout food. Every time you support local business, you support jobs in Dauphin.

Thank you essential workers – store staff, trades people, truckers, teachers and health care workers. They are the real heroes.

Thank you  for being patient and kind. Remember that everyone is doing the best that they can.

Until more people are vaccinated we can still reduce the spread: wear masks, physically distance, wash our hands and stay home. Thank you for all that you are doing to win this battle.

Remember that light is starting to shine in that tunnel. Hang in there.