A Message from the Municipal Emergency Coordinator for Dauphin, MB

As the Municipal Emergency Coordinator for the City of Dauphin and Rural Municipality of Dauphin, in the event of a disaster I am responsible for the operations and management of the Emergency Operations Centre. The City and Rural Municipality have a comprehensive plan to respond in a disaster to support the operations of Incident Command who battle at the front lines as First Responders.

Effective and professional response in a disaster or a pandemic is critical in reducing the level of harm and injury to individuals and damage to property and infrastructure.

Part of effective disaster management is preparedness. The more we do to be ready, the more we lessen the harm, damage, and destruction. As this pandemic evolves, we continue to ask you to be responsible in doing your part to keep yourself and others safe. Even though COVID-19 fatigue is setting in, it is important we look to the people we care about the most and do whatever we can to prevent them from getting sick.

Washing your hands, maintaining six feet of distance from others, wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible, and staying home when sick – these fundamentals should now be instinctive. When we drive, we put on a seatbelt, check our rearview mirror, and perform shoulder checks for the safety of ourselves and others – without even thinking about it.

The Fire Department, RCMP, EMS, Public Works, and frontline medical staff are vital to our wellness and safety during this pandemic. Our First Responders’ safety is essential to our well-being as we continue to battle this virus.

I commend all First Responders for their commitment and dedication during this time. Please remember the importance of following Provincial guidelines – if we have learned anything, it’s how quickly this virus can spread. Be safe in order to stay healthy.

Randy Daley
Municipal Emergency Coordinator
City of Dauphin | Rural Municipality of Dauphin