City of Dauphin Drinking Water

The City of Dauphin’s water meets or exceeds all Federal and Provincial drinking water standards and has without exception since the water treatment plant was commissioned in 1999.  Despite the City’s treated water containing negligible amounts of lead the City is preparing for potential changes in the Federal and Provincial standards for lead in drinking water, which may include a change in the point of testing and the maximum acceptable level.  These standards may be implemented in the coming year or so.  During the preparation process, the City sampled the tap water of seventeen (17) properties with lead service lines (which are the connections between the City’s watermain and the private buildings).  The results of these tests indicated elevated levels of lead in the tap water at many of these locations.  As a result, the City, working with the Province of Manitoba, has created a plan to inform residents of the potential health risks of lead and determine the extent of the issue in Dauphin.

City of Dauphin Press Release