City & RM Meet With Province on New Correctional Facility

Mayor Irwin, Reeve Forbes, along with senior Administrative, Public Works and Economic Development staff of both municipalities met with five senior representatives of Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation (Accommodation Services Division) on September 16, 2014 to discuss specifics of the new Dauphin correctional facility.  The meeting focused on the timing and details of the planned transfer of up to 111 acres of land in the City and RM’s jointly owned Industrial Park to the Province of Manitoba, along with servicing for that site.  The project timeline was also provided and discussed by MIT, and included the following:

•             In May 2013, MIT engaged a programmer/architectural firm to prepare a Functional Space Program (FSP) for the new facility. This work is now well under way;

•             Once completed the FSP will serve as the basis and summary of programmatic requirements and allow MIT to move into schematic design and obtain a Class “C” architectural construction cost estimate for the project;

•             It is anticipated that the FSP will be completed by the end of 2014.

•             MIT will be tendering shortly for the services of a consulting firm to complete preliminary site work, which will include:

(a)    Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

(b)    Geotechnical Site Investigation

(c)    A preliminary Ground Source Heat Pump Feasibility Report

(d)   A Waste Water Collection and Assessment Report

•             It is anticipated that the above consultants’ report will also be completed by the end of 2014.

•             After the FSP and the preliminary site work has been completed, MIT will issue a tender for Prime Consulting services and the design of the new facility will commence.

•             It is expected that construction on the new facility will begin in 2016.

The City of Dauphin is very pleased with the timeline presented, and looks forward to construction of the new 180 bed facility beginning in 2016.  The MIT staff present also agreed to provide an estimate for the number of direct new jobs this facility will add to the community, and highlighted the positive effect such a large project will have on the community both during and after construction.

The next project meeting is scheduled for October 8th & 9th, at which the Province will be inviting select community groups to provide input into their needs and requirements for the facility, along with any information pertinent to the construction and future operation of the facility.