City Water Meets or Exceeds ALL National/Provincial Standards

In the last few days the City of Dauphin has received numerous calls regarding a company offering to test residential water for free.  This company is Puretech Environmental and is not affiliated with the City of Dauphin in any way.  The City wants to make it clear that the drinking water produced and distributed in our community meets or exceeds all national and provincial drinking water standards.  It is believed this free water sample offer by Puretech Environmental is simply a sales technique used to get residents to purchase one or more of their products.  Residents are therefore cautioned to scrutinize this company’s claims and its past history very carefully before making any decisions on purchasing products or services.

A photo of the notice left at residents homes by Puretech Environmental is attached here for the public’s information.  Should residents have any questions about City of Dauphin water, please feel free to contact the Director of Public Works & Operations at (204) 622-3212 or call the Provincial Office of Drinking Water.