Media Release

The City of Dauphin was made aware of some exciting news today regarding continued movement on a key local infrastructure project. Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) has received official approval from Manitoba Health to release the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Dauphin Regional Health Centre’s Emergency Department (ED) and Special Care Unit (SCU). It should be noted that the SCU is different than the MRI, a part of the project that has already gone to tender with PMH currently working with the low bidder on that tender.

“The process continues to move forward on this project, first with the MRI tender and now both the ER and SCU request for proposals,” says Mayor Eric Irwin. “Though the tender process can sometimes be held up with projects of this scale, the Manitoba Government is moving forward with its plan as was originally proposed and it is going to be a significant improvement for our community.”

The expansion and modernization of the Dauphin Regional Health Center’s emergency department along with the addition of the MRI and SCU units will allow for a greater level of care for residents of the Parkland and help avoid hundreds of annual trips to other communities for diagnostic testing.