New Yard Waste Collection Program Coming In 2017

The City of Dauphin is pleased to announce a new, seasonal, automated yard waste collection program for 2017. This voluntary program will be available to those property owners with a yard, and will use a third rolling container (green) of the same size as the existing garbage and recycling containers. The containers will be collected by the City of Dauphin using existing equipment.

The seasonal yard waste collection program will commence in mid-April and run biweekly on the opposite weeks as garbage/recycling collection until mid-October, with the new green containers being collected by the City of Dauphin using existing equipment. The City is also making some changes to the existing garbage and recycling program effective January 1, 2017, as was previously announced in September 2016, and these include:

  • The City will move to bi-weekly garbage collection beginning the week of January 2nd. Currently, garbage is collected every week and moving to collection every two weeks for all locations in Dauphin serviced by the City will further encourage recycling and extend the useful life of the Dauphin Landfill Site;
  • Residential recycling collection will remain every two weeks, and be on the same day as garbage collection;
  • For residential households, if the blue, rolling recycling container is not at the curb prior to the time the City garbage truck arrives at your residence, the garbage container will not be collected;

Yard waste makes up over one third of garbage from an average single-family home. When yard waste is buried in a landfill it doesn’t turn into soil or compost due to lack of oxygen.  Instead it creates a nasty liquid known as leachate or methane gas, both of which are harmful to the environment.  By collecting yard waste separately and composting it, this material will be kept out of the Dauphin landfill site.

To register to receive a new yard waste container, please sign-up online at, or contact the City Shop at 622-3202 during regular business hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) as of Wednesday, December 14th, 2016.  For those who register by March 1st, yard waste containers will be delivered in early April, with the program slated to begin the week of April 17th and continue until mid-October.

No changes will be made to the spring and fall clean-up program.

Answers to common questions about the new garbage/recycling/yard waste system, along with the 2017 garbage and recycling collection calendar, will be posted on the City’s website, and included in an information package that will be in the December 22nd edition of the Parkland Shopper.