VIA Rail Passenger Shelter

The City of Dauphin, in conjunction with its partners the Province of Manitoba and VIA Rail Inc., is pleased to announce the completion and opening of the new passenger shelter. This new, heated structure is located on the concrete platform at the west end of the historic CN Station and will provide a safe, well-lit… Read more »

Thank You for Your Cooperation

The City of Dauphin would like to thank residents for their cooperation in recycling. The vast majority of residents had their recycling along with their garbage out for pickup this week and are contributing to the success of our new waste management program. For any questions about our new waste management program or about recycling… Read more »

New Yard Waste Collection Program Coming In 2017

The City of Dauphin is pleased to announce a new, seasonal, automated yard waste collection program for 2017. This voluntary program will be available to those property owners with a yard, and will use a third rolling container (green) of the same size as the existing garbage and recycling containers. The containers will be collected… Read more »