Perimeter Airlines Clarifies Discontinuance of Local Passenger Service

Carlos Castillo, Vice President of Perimeter Airlines advised today that the 30 day notice provided to the Lt. Col. W.G. (Billy) Barker, V.C. Airport was premature. Only the Brandon airport will be losing all service in 30 days, but the airline plans to continue offering passenger service to the Dauphin market for 120 days. According to Mr. Castillo, the airline garners approximately 80% of its current revenue on the Dauphin route from Purolator air freight, which is predominantly “bank bags” for local financial institutions. This contract has recently been awarded by Purolator Courier to Dynamex, a ground freight courier, effective October 9th.

The continuation of passenger service in Dauphin will be used by Perimeter Airlines to determine whether continuation of service beyond the 120 days is warranted and financially viable. Currently the airline averages 2 passengers per flight, but will need an average of at least 8 passengers per flight going forward. After the October 9th loss of the Purolator freight contract, Mr. Castillo indicated that the flight schedule and routing would likely be changing for Dauphin, and this could include the frequency and timing of the passenger flights.

Purolator Courier advises that the majority of local freight is ground-based already, and the change in contract provider for “bank bags” will not affect the courier service available to area businesses.