Premier Announces Infrastructure Funding for City

Premier Greg Selinger, Minister Stan Struthers and Mayor Eric Irwin

Premier Greg Selinger announced a partnership between the Province of Manitoba and the City of Dauphin to install new, remote read water meters throughout Dauphin, as well as upgrade crucial water system infrastructure. The two projects are estimated to cost $3 million in total, with $1.5 million being provided by the Province and the other half by the City of Dauphin. The project will include the replacement of approximately 1.6 kilometers of the main water supply aquaduct south of Dauphin, along with critical pumps and related infrastructure at the Brown Avenue Reservoir and Pumping Station.

The City’s share of the water meter project, which is estimated at $750,000, will be funded entirely by the Federal Gas Tax Reserve Fund, so there will be no cost to the local taxpayers or utility system. The City’s share of the other infrastructure component, also estimated at $750,000, will be funded by a combination of Federal Gas Tax Reserve funds and newly issued local improvement long-term debt.

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