Province Announces Request for Proposal for New Dauphin Correctional Facility

On February 11, 2014, Justice Minister Andrew Swan announced that work continues on the new correctional facility in Dauphin with the Province now seeking requests for proposals for the project. He also confirmed that the new facility will house 180 beds which will triple the capacity of the current jail in Dauphin.

In 2010, the City of Dauphin and the RM of Dauphin committed to land for the project in the jointly owned Industrial Park. Quote from Mayor Irwin: “The City of Dauphin welcomes the latest announcement as we’ve been working with the Province for over 4 years to bring this about. Good public policy should try to achieve a number of objectives and this new facility will be good for jail staff, good for the community and hopefully will help rehabilitate inmates which of course is good for the great good of the community.”

The press release can be accessed on the Province of Manitoba’s website at