Salvation Army Makes a Tough Decision Regarding Continued Presence in Dauphin

As of June 30, 2016, after 116 years in Dauphin, the Salvation Army will be leaving our community. Representatives of the Salvation Army met with Deputy Mayor Dowhan and Assistant CAO Sharla Griffiths prior to this announcement, to provide the City notice of the closure. Deputy Mayor Dowhan praised the Salvation Army for their contribution to our community, and understood that good and responsible management sometimes results in difficult but necessary decisions. Dauphin is one of several communities where the Salvation Army is removing services.

The City of Dauphin would like to thank the Salvation Army for their presence and support in Dauphin for all but two years of our existence (Dauphin was founded in 1898). We wish them well and success in their remaining communities.

Please view the article from the Salvation Army regarding their closing.