Winter Parking Bans

With winters first real attempt at bringing Dauphin snow this year, the City would like to take this opportunity to remind residents and visitors to the community of our Winter Parking Bans during snow clearing activities.

During major snow storms and for regular maintenance of all City streets, parking bans will go into effect for priority routes and five distinct zones within the City. Information about the parking bans can be found on the City website at or by visiting City Hall to pick up the Winter Parking Ban pamphlet. This pamphlet includes all the information you need to know about parking bans as well as a map showing all 5 zones and the priority routes.

Winter Parking Ban notifications are sent to the media, and posted on our website and digital display board at City Hall. For immediate notification when Winter Parking Bans go into effect, please click here and sign up for our email notifications alerting you to all work being performed in the City. In a further effort to ensure that everyone is aware of the Winter Parking Bans, the City will be putting out large orange parking ban signs in each zone prior to snow clearing taking place.

Please do your part to help keep our streets safe and clear by ensuring that your vehicle is off the street when crews are working in your zone to clear streets. Once your street has been cleared you are free to return your vehicle to the street if you wish.

City staff would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in helping us to keep Dauphin safe for residents and visitors in our community.