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Strategic Plan

Council of the City of Dauphin is pleased to release a Strategic Plan, outlining Goals and Priorities which will lead decision making between 2021 – 2024. Following several months of dialogue with Council and City Staff, following the direction of the Economic Development Manager, conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, and creating a Mission and Vision Statement, five (5) Goals have been identified for the City of Dauphin. The five Goals are:

  1. Sustainable Community
  2. Community Growth
  3. Public Engagement and Awareness
  4. Tourism Opportunities
  5. Healthy and Safe Community

Click on the links below to explore each Goal and their strategic priorities:

**Paper copies of the Plan are available upon request.**

How Can You Participate?

Council encourages residents to review the Plan and provide feedback by:

Phone: 204-622-3229

Residents may also share their feedback on the Plan by mail at:
100 Main Street South
Dauphin, MB   R7N 1K3

Message from City Council:

“The City of Dauphin is significant to Manitoba, situated in the heart of the Parkland region. We feel it is important to take time and evaluate what kind of community Dauphin is, what we would like to see Dauphin become, and how to make that happen.

A Strategic Plan is one of the most important tools to define a common long-term vision for a municipality and is used as a roadmap to accomplish the Goals and Priorities set out in the Plan. These Goals and Priorities we outline in our Strategic Plan will guide ourselves and City Staff when making important decisions. It is our intention that our Strategic Plan remains as a “living document” throughout 2024, until it is reviewed and updated by future City Councils as Dauphin moves forward.”