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Diversion Centre

Dauphin’s Waste Diversion Centre provides an additional service for residents to drop off hazardous and recyclable items year-round for FREE. 

The Diversion Centre is an effective and sustainable method of keeping unnecessary materials out of the landfill, which ultimately aids in extending the lifetime of our landfill.

Please note there is no longer a drop off location within the City of Dauphin limits for these items. Ottenbreit Sanitation Services (OSS) no longer accepts items for drop off. 

All categories of accepted items are clearly labelled on-site for your convenience. When you bring items that can be diverted and recycled, you must place them in the proper diversion area. 

For more information, including hours of operation and location, please contact:
Dauphin Waste Disposal Site

Diversion Centre Acceptable Items:

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Display Devices

  • Televisions and monitors, including various technologies such as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), all-in-one, flat panel (LCD, LED, and plasma) and rear projection

Non-Cellular Telephone

  • Includes corded and cordless telephones, as well as telephone answering machines

Cellular Devices and Pagers

  • Cellular phones, including those offering camera, video recording and/or audio functions, smartphones (cell-enabled), cell-enabled PDAs utilizing touch-screen technology and cell-enabled handheld devices

Home Audio/Video Systems

  • Includes VCRs, DVD, and CD players, digital cable and satellite equipment, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, data projectors and similar audio/video systems

Desktop Computers

  • Desktop computers (including those acting as servers) and all bundled keyboards, mice, cables and internal components

Portable Computers

  • Includes portable computers such as laptops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets

Computer Peripherals

  • Includes both wired and wireless manual input devices such as keyboards, mice and trackballs

Desktop Printers

  • Printers designed to reside on a work surface, including laser and LED, ink jet, dot matrix, thermal, dye sublimation, and "multi-function" copy, scan, fax and print devices. Stand-alone desktop fax machines are also included in this category

Personal/Portable Audio/Video Systems

  • Includes docking speakers, portable stereos, portable CD players, portable audio recorders, tape/radio players, headphones, digital media (MP3) players, voice recorders, and digital and video cameras

Countertop Microwave Ovens

  • Any countertop microwave ovens less than 2.2 cubic feet. May include microwave ovens from hotel rooms or restaurant units that are similar in chassis type to household type units. 

Floor-Standing Photocopiers/Multi-Function Devices

  • Includes all printing and copying devices, utilizing all printing technologies, that are floor-standing models and can print on media with dimensions up to 48" wide and are up to a maximum weight of 200 kg.

For more information on acceptable electronic materials, visit What Can I Recycle? | Electronic Waste MB | Recycle My Electronics 

Accepted Paint Products include: 

  • Household paint (interior or exterior, water or oil based; includes latex, acrylic, alkyd, enamel) and primers (metal, wood, etc.)
  • Varnish and urethane (only single component), wood finishing oil, melamine, stain, shellac paint
  • Anti-rust, concrete, metal, and masonry paint
  • Single component paints include stain blocking, swimming pool, textured, and drywall paint or stucco paint
  • All types of paint aerosols including automotive, craft, and industrial
  • Empty containers of accepted products

When dropping off your paint products, please remember:

  • Paint must be in its original container, tightly sealed with the labels affixed
  • Do not mix different types of paint products together
  • Maximum paint container size: 25 litres
  • Maximum paint aerosol size: 680 grams or 24 ounces

For a full list of accepted and not accepted products, visit

The Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (MARRC) is a non-profit organization providing a simple and convenient way to dispose of used oil and antifreeze products, filters, and containers. By properly disposing these products, used oil is converted into new diesel fuel, oil filters are shredded, heated and re-used as material for other metal products such as rebar, nails and wire. Used oil, antifreeze and DEF containers are recycled into energy used for heating water, buildings, and generating electricity and used antifreeze is recycled into new antifreeze. 

Used oils, filters, and containers can be dropped off at the Diversion Centre so they can be disposed of properly and recycled:

  • Petroleum and synthetic crankcase oil
  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Gear oil
  • Other fluid used for lubricating machinery or equipment
  • Engine oil filters
  • Diesel fuel filters
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) containers - any plastic container that is manufactured to hold DEF
  • Oil containers - any plastic container that is manufactured to hold oil
  • Antifreeze - any ethylene glycol or propylene glycol vehicle engine coolant
  • Antifreeze containers - any plastic container manufactured to hold antifreeze

*Containers used to transport hazardous liquids will not be returned to you

Examples of scrap metal items you can drop off at our Diversion Centre include:

  • Stoves
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Chain link fencing
  • BBQs

*Any refrigeration appliances are prohibited in the Diversion Centre

*Any painted, stained, or treated wood, particle board, or other construction materials (drywall) will not be accepted.

  • Empty containers of pesticide or fertilizer up to 20L are accepted
  • 20 lb or larger propane cylinders are accepted 

Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) is a not-for-profit association that operates Manitoba's tire recycling program. Instead of disposing end-of-life tires in our landfill, the City of Dauphin is registered with TSM to process and reuse end-of-life tires in environmentally responsible ways. 

End-of-life tires may be used to make a variety of products such as rubber mats, rain splash pads, landscaping borders, rubber mulch, parking curbs, truck bed mats, artificial turf fields, rubberized asphalt, blast mats, and more!