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Tourism Development

In addition to community promotion and marketing activities, our department assists with several other areas including:

  • Special event attraction in partnership with local committees
  • Product development support and facilitation
  • Many other initiatives as outlined on the website

As part of Council’s Strategic Planning process which identified Goals and Priorities that will lead decision making between 2021 and 2024, Tourism Opportunities were recognized as Goal #4. The following strategic priorities were established:

Place Branding

  • Work with Travel Manitoba and the Rural Municipality of Dauphin to develop a brand to attract tourists to Dauphin


  • Create a marketing strategy and develop material that reflects our brand
  • Explore opportunities to market Dauphin as a destination

Gap Analysis

  • Conduct a gap analysis for Dauphin

In 2020, Tourism Dauphin in conjunction with the City of Dauphin and Rural Municipality of Dauphin worked with Travel Manitoba to create a Place Brand for Dauphin through a series of meetings and consultations with a broad range of stakeholders including business owners both in tourism and non-tourism industries as well as community leaders. Throughout the process, a facilitated stakeholder session included a discussion of Dauphin’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, current assets, current versus desired perceptions, and the identification of key marketing assets. The resulting report on the stakeholder session led to capturing the essence of what was voiced from stakeholders and ultimately created a unique and compelling destination brand. Now, Dauphin joins the 11 other current Place Brands in the Province of Manitoba.

Intentionally left open to interpretation, “Adventure From Here On Out” allows each and every one of us to form our own perception based on our individual backgrounds and experiences. Inspired by the vibrant and varied cultures in the Dauphin region, as well as the striking natural surroundings of our area, our new brand highlights that Dauphin is the heart of our rich Parkland region and acts as a central hub for a variety of activities to explore.

Our lively prairie city is full of uniquely rich arts and culture. Here, Manitoba’s most spectacular wilderness and active outdoor experiences are right at your fingertips.

Visit our Tourism section to find out more about the abundance of activity drawing visitors from across the world to our community each year.