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Snow Clearing

Snow Removal

  • When a “Snow Event” is declared for a Snow Zone, a Parking Ban will be in effect in that Snow Zone.
  • Motorists are asked to remove their vehicles/trailers from the street during a Parking Ban.
  • Vehicles/trailers found on the street during a Parking Ban may be ticketed or towed.


A Snow Zone is an area of the City where crews will focus their efforts.  There are five Snow Zones (Snow Zone Map)

Information on the Snow Zone Parking Ban will be broadcast through the following avenues:

  1. Website Notices (
  2. Email Notifications (free subscription at Home Page)
  3. Parking Ban Signs (orange – placed at major entry points of the Snow Zone)
  4. Radio Stations (CKDM)
  5. Electronic Sign Board at City Hall (100 Main Street S)
  6. All City Social Media Platforms


During and after a Snow Event, streets will be plowed in the following order (please refer to the above Snow Zone Map)

  • Priority Routes
  • Snow Zones (usually a day ahead of the garbage cycle)
  • Driveways as necessary (only if a ridge greater than 30 cm/12 inches was left by City snow clearing equipment)
  • Sidewalks
  • Back Lanes (only if over 20 cm of accumulation)

2019 Winter Snow Clearing Brochure – to print, please save to your documents and then print.

The City of Dauphin wishes to remind residents that vehicles may not be parked on City streets for more than 48 hours at a time.  This is especially important during snow removal operations as parked vehicles during this period obstruct the removal of snow from the streets by City staff. Vehicles parked on City streets during this period are in contravention of the City’s Traffic Bylaw 02/2009 and may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. The City announces all parking bans for residential areas and places temporary “No Parking” signs prior to the ban going into effect. Citizens are encouraged to subscribe to email notifications regarding snow removal operations on the City website at

In addition, the City wishes to remind residents it is prohibited for any person to pile snow from their property, sidewalk or driveway onto a City street. Residents who wish to remove snow from their property/driveway are responsible for having the snow hauled away. 

Please take notice that the City of Dauphin  Snow and Ice Removal Policy states that private driveways will not be cleared of snow deposited by the City’s equipment if the ridge is less than 12 inches.