Entrepreneurship Assistance

Are you thinking of starting a business? We can help!

Community Futures Parkland

Community Futures is a community-based economic renewal initiative funded by the Government of Canada and directed by local volunteer boards. Their main objectives are to help rural Canadians start or expand a business and to help sustain and improve communities and their local economies. CF Parkland provides entrepreneurs with small business loans up to $150,000 when traditional financial institutions are unable to help. Loans are available for new business start-ups, business expansion, or to stabilize an existing business. A loans committee comprised of community volunteers is involved with the loan review process. https://cfmanitoba.ca/parkland

Manitoba Companies Office

The Manitoba Companies office is the place where you register your business names. The public may search the registry to obtain information (for example, who is doing business under the trade name, where the business is located, and to get a list of officers and directors). When individuals want to incorporate or register their trade name, they review the proposed names to make sure that they aren't confusingly similar to ones already on record. Then the companies office will incorporate the company or register the business name. https://companiesoffice.gov.mb.ca/