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Utilities (Water and Sewer)

Notice of Application - Revised Water and Wastewater Rates for Dauphin Utility

The City of Dauphin (City) has applied to the Public Utilities Board for revised water and wastewater rates for Dauphin Utility as set out in By-Law No. 11-2023. Please click here to review the Notice of Application and the proposed rates. 

Details of the City’s application are available for review at City Hall or the Public Utilities Board’s Office. If you have concerns/comments regarding the City of Dauphin’s application for water and wastewater rates, please go to and provide your comments. Please note all comments will be forwarded to the City. 

Questions or comments should be sent on or before April 27, 2024.  

General Information

The City of Dauphin provides treated water from a state-of-the-art, Class IV water treatment plant. It is designed for a population of 11,000 and has a production capacity of 8.8 megalitres per day. Water is treated through flocculation, ozonation, disinfection and sedimentation. Sewage treatment in the City of Dauphin is by lagoon system. The total capacity of the system is 196 million gallons and it is currently operating at close to capacity.

Any amount outstanding on your account after the due date will be charged penalties at a rate of 1.25% per month.

When moving into a house in Dauphin, a transfer fee of $50.00 must be paid prior to having the Utility bill put in your name.  Come in to City Hall to have your account set up.

When moving out of a residence, you must notify the City of Dauphin as soon as possible or extra consumption costs could be incurred on your account.  A forwarding address must be given in order to have the water taken out of your name.


For more information on Water Bill Payments, please click on 'Water Payment Information' in the menu, or click here.